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Conformity Review Q & A


For Publishers: Three Important Questions on the Conformity Review Process

1) How do I know if my text is eligible for review?

A: Please read the letter on "Criteria and Applicability - Clarification on Conformity of Catechetical Materials" found on our Conformity Review webpage. This document will offer clarification on what types of texts are typically accepted for the review process. 

2) How do I submit a text for the Conformity Review Process?

A: If you believe that your text or series is eligible for conformity review, then please contact the Coordinator of Assessment for the Subcommittee on the Catechism. Please be prepared to explain the purpose and audience of your catechetical text and your reason for submitting it for review. Typically, it is required that a publisher give a one-month notification prior to submitting a text; early notification assists the reviewers in preparing to move the text as quickly through the process as possible.

3) How long is the Conformity Review Process?

A: The review process can vary in length of time based on many factors, including the size of the text or series, the type of text or series, and the time of year during which it is submitted. The process generally lasts between six to twelve months. The Subcommittee on the Catechism cannot give any guarantee on the outcome of a review. Staff is happy to maintain correspondence with publishers throughout the process, and is ready to assist with questions as necessary.

For All Who Reference the Conformity List: Three Important Questions on the Conformity List

1) How do I find my local diocesan/archdiocesan requirements for religious education/catechesis?

A: Please visit your local diocesan website (our Diocesan Locator can assist you) and contact the appropriate office or department (generally Religious Education or Catechesis). Check for requirements or standards that are posted. Staff of the Subcommittee does not have information available concerning specific dioceses/archdioceses requirements.

2) My diocese/archdiocese requires that we use texts from the Conformity List. However, some texts we like are not found on the list. What should we do?

A: Initially, please clarify with your local diocesan/archdiocesan office concerning the standards for educational/catechetical materials in your diocese. If there is still confusion concerning a text, please consider contacting the publisher. Some texts are not eligible for the conformity review process simply because the process is limited to certain types of texts. The materials that are not on the list may not have been eligible for review. Consider if the text has received approval or permission from your local diocese, as this may be adequate if the text was not eligible for conformity review.

3) I have a text that I believe should be on the Conformity List, but it is not there. What should I do?

A: As in the situation above, the text or series may not have been eligible for review. Due to confidentiality, the staff of the Subcommittee cannot release information concerning texts which are not on the conformity list. Please contact the publisher if you have further questions.

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