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Harvest Thanks and Petition

1For the leader; with stringed instruments. A psalm; a song.


2May God be gracious to us* and bless us;

may his face shine upon us.a


3So shall your way be known upon the earth,

your victory among all the nations.b

4May the peoples praise you, God;

may all the peoples praise you!


5May the nations be glad and rejoice;

for you judge the peoples with fairness,

you guide the nations upon the earth.c


6May the peoples praise you, God;

may all the peoples praise you!


7The earth has yielded its harvest;

God, our God, blesses us.d

8May God bless us still;

that the ends of the earth may revere him.

* [Psalm 67] A petition for a bountiful harvest (Ps 67:7), made in the awareness that Israel’s prosperity will persuade the nations to worship its God.

* [67:2] May God be gracious to us: the people’s petition echoes the blessing pronounced upon them by the priests, cf. Nm 6:2227.

a. [67:2] Ps 4:7; 31:17; 44:4; 80:4; Dn 9:17.

b. [67:3] Jer 33:9.

c. [67:5] Ps 98:9.

d. [67:7] Ps 85:13; Lv 26:4; Ez 34:27; Hos 2:2324.

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