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Hispanic/Latino Bishops in the United States since 1970


(Dates indicate ordination as bishop)



Most Rev. José H. Gómez (March 26, 2001), Archbishop of Los Angeles 
Most Rev. Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S. (March 19, 2003), Archbishop of San Antonio
Most Rev. Nelson J. Pérez (July 25, 2012), Bishop of Cleveland
Most Rev. Armando X. Ochoa (February 23, 1987), Bishop of Fresno  
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes (March 18, 1992), Bishop of San Bernardino 
Most Rev. James A. Tamayo (March 10, 1993), Bishop of Laredo 
Most Rev. Richard J. García (January 28, 1998), Bishop of Monterey  
Most Rev. Jaime Soto (May 31, 2000), Bishop of Sacramento 
Most Rev. Joe S. Vásquez (January 23, 2002), Bishop of Austin 
Most Rev. Felipe de Jesús Estévez (January 7, 2004), Bishop of St. Augustine 
Most Rev. Daniel E. Flores (November 29, 2006), Bishop of Brownsville 
Most Rev. Oscar Cantú (June 2, 2008), Bishop of San Jose
Most Rev. Fernando Isern, D.D. (December 10, 2009), Bishop of Pueblo
Most Rev. Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., D.D. (September 3, 2003), Bishop of Fall River 

Auxiliary Bishops
Most Rev. Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S. (June 6, 2005), Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle  
Most Rev. Rutilio del Riego (September 20, 2005), Auxiliary Bishop of San Bernardino 
Most Rev. Octavio Cisneros, DD (August 22, 2006), Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn 
Most Rev. Manuel A. Cruz (September 8, 2008), Auxiliary Bishop of Newark 
Most Rev. Luis Rafael Zarama (August 6, 2009), Auxiliary Bishop of Atlanta
Most Rev. Eduardo A. Nevares (July 19, 2010), Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix 
Most Rev. Arturo Cepeda (May 5, 2011), Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit 
Most Rev. Alberto Rojas (August 10, 2011), Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago 
Most Rev. Paul Sánchez (July 11, 2012), Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn  
Most Rev. Mario Dorsonville-Rodriguez, (April 20, 2015), Auxiliary Bishop of Washington, D.C.
Most Rev. Jorge Rodriguez- Novelo, (November 4, 2016), Auxiliary Bishop of Denver


Most Rev. Álvaro Corrada del Rio, SJ (August 4, 1985), Bishop of Mayaguez, PR 
Most Rev. Roberto González- Nieves, OFM (October 3, 1988), Archbishop of San Juan, PR


Most Rev. Alexander Salazar (November 4, 2004), Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles
Most Rev. Josu Iriondo (December 12, 2001), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of New York
Most Rev. Francisco González, S.F. (February 11, 2002), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Washington
Most Rev. René H. Gracida (January 25, 1972), Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi  
Most Rev. Gilbert E. Chávez (June 21, 1974), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of San Diego 
Most Rev. Raymundo J. Peña (December 13, 1976), Bishop Emeritus of Brownsville 
Most Rev. José Madera, MSpS (March 4, 1980), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese for the Military Services 
Most Rev. Arthur Tafoya (September 10, 1980) Bishop Emeritus of Pueblo 
Most Rev. René A. Valero (November 24, 1980), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Brooklyn 
Most Rev. Ricardo Ramírez (December 6, 1981), Bishop Emeritus of Las Cruces   
Most Rev. David Arias, OAR (April 7, 1983), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Newark  
Most Rev. Carlos A. Sevilla, SJ (January 25, 1989), Bishop Emeritus of Yakima  
Most Rev. Gabino Zavala (March 19, 1994), Auxiliary Emeritus Bishop of Los Angeles 
Most Rev. Emilio S. Allué, SDB (September 17, 1996), Auxiliary Emeritus Bishop of Boston
Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF (December 13, 1983), Bishop of Lubbock 


Most Rev. Juan A. Arzube (March 25, 1971), Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles 
Most Rev. Robert F. Sánchez (July 1, 1974), Archbishop of Santa Fe 
Most Rev. Manuel D. Moreno (February 19, 1977), Bishop of Tucson  
Most Rev. Francisco Garmendia (June 29, 1977), Auxiliary Bishop of New York 

Most Rev. Agustin A. Román (March 24, 1979), Auxiliary Bishop of Miami 

Most Rev. Alphonse Gallegos, OAR (November 4, 1981), Auxiliary Bishop of Sacramento 
Most Rev. Enrique San Pedro, S.J. (June 29, 1986), Bishop of Brownsville 

Most Rev. Gilberto Fernández (September 3, 1997), Auxiliary Bishop of Miami
Most Rev. Cirilo B. Flores (March 19, 2009), Bishop of San Diego
Most Rev. Patrick F. Flores (May 5, 1970), Archbishop Emeritus of San Antonio


As of December 2018

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